Counselor’s Corner: Small Gesture, Big Impact

I have a mailbox that I have to open with a key. It is a short walk away from my house, but I only check it about once a week. I never get any personal mail. I usually only get bills, and it is not worth rushing to the mailbox for bills.

Yesterday during my weekly mailbox check there was an envelope addressed to me, and it was not a bill! It was a card from a friend just because. This thoughtful gesture made me realize how something as simple as a card could really change someone’s day.

Alicia Knight QuoteDuring the school year my co-counselor and I gave each other cards when times were tough or when we knew the other was feeling stressed out. Anytime I see a good card I buy it for a future recipient for when they are having a bad day or just because. One time I even gave myself a card as encouragement on a particularly difficult day. I look at it often and I am really glad I gave it to myself. (There’s a picture of it on the right.)

In our fast-paced world of emails, text messages, tweets, Facebook messages, and wall posts, communication is instantaneous. As an alternative, it’s nice to take time to send someone some good old-fashioned snail mail like a card to show you care.

Here are some inexpensive non-fast-paced ways to brighten someone’s day:

Send something that weighs 13 ounces or less through the mail.
A website called SarahMaker is full of great gift ideas. The author, AmberLee, has a whole section of items that weigh 13 ounces or less and so can be mailed first class. Some of my favorite ideas include the Bubble Wrap Hopscotch, School Supplies, and a Ball.

Create a real postcard.
With Postagram, you use your own pictures to create and send a real postcard in the mail. Using your computer or smartphone, you choose a picture and write a message and the postcard is automatically sent through the mail.

Design a personalized card.
A website called Treat allows you to personalize greeting cards, including the design, picture, and words. They’ll mail it to you or directly to the recipient.

A small gesture can really make a big impact on someone’s day. What have you done to brighten someone else’s day? What is something someone has done for you to make your day better?

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  1. Wonderful ideas and I will mention you on my twitter @socialworkpad and blog

  2. I {heart} personal mail, my address scrawled on a envelope! Thanks for reminding us how important touching base with people is. I love that you keep a greeting card on hand and ready to send; I do the same only with a blank thank-you note. Nothing fills a bucket more than a hand-written note.

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