Giving Bystanders Permission to Act

Free Spirit Publishing

Free Spirit Publishing

Free Spirit Publishing

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  1. Marilyn Alonso says:

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  3. Laurie Secrist says:

    What a great incentive! Anything to keep up with current philosophy with the education field helps. Thanks for this opportunity

  4. Crystal Collins says:

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  6. Cynthia Graham says:

    I believe in my students and instill in them a positive growth mindset.

  7. Sandy Koch says:

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  8. Sandy Koch says:

    I “liked” the company on Facebook.

  9. Sandy Koch says:

    Developing a strong relationship with children, and students, helps me model expectations for behavior and life skills. We talk, discuss, read, write, photograph and I provide a safe place for honest communication and growth.

  10. Marilyn DiToro says:

    I am most excited about Survival Guide for Gifted Kids. Many of these children face multiple challenges both internally and externally. They feel they are different and don’t fit in with their schoolmates, especially the popular kids. Gifted children are often bullied and their sensitive nature does not always dictate how they should respond. Finally, many of these children are twice exceptional, meaning they have an IEP for emotional or behavioral issues while also facing challenges related to being gifted and talented. A survival guide is just what many G&T children need to help them through many difficult days.

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