Giving Bystanders Permission to Act

ripple, anon, wikimedia commons

ripple, anon, wikimedia commons

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  1. Lorinda L. Utter says:

    I have some students that have serious behavior issues. These books would be great to help them be better students.

  2. Bette Fae Stieglitz says:

    A free spirit is a life long learner willing to listen and exchange ideas.

  3. Kathleen Heinlen says:

    My free spirit allows me to keep learning. And your books provide the. path I follow. I have always worked with young adults and now with children as a volunteer. Once I understand them emotionally, I can help them open the door to learning. If they carry burdens of fear they haven’t expressed it is difficult to listen to their academic lessons. Your books inform me how I can reach students emotionally and free their spirits onward on the learning path.

  4. Maureen Dobbins says:

    The variety of options for students is amazing.

  5. Michelle Holda-Vaccaro says:

    We write in ‘Grateful Journals’ to start each day and use, “Be kind to one another,” as our motto.

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