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Cash in on Learning: Five Tips to Help Avoid the Summer Slump

As the school year winds down, students, parents, and teachers are preparing for a bit of a break from the rush of the school year. One concern, however, in the break from school is the break from learning, or the … Continue reading

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Cash in on Learning: Breathe! 6 Strategies to Reduce Stress During Testing Season

It’s that time of year again: TESTING! With the sun shining outside and the warm weather approaching, our kids are just itching to get outside. But, we have the monumental task of getting them to pay attention to extremely important … Continue reading

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Cash in on Learning: The 5 Most Common Questions on Differentiation

Much has been publicized recently about the pros and cons of differentiation. Experts volley back and forth the merits of classroom practices intended to narrow the achievement gap and ensure all students reach their potential. As in any vocation, personal … Continue reading

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Cash in on Learning: Engaging Students through Interest-Based Anchor Activities

It’s that time of year again—that time between the end of spring break and the end of the school year. In many schools, it’s high testing season, so students and teachers alike are stressed. We want kids to continue learning, … Continue reading

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Cash in on Learning: Ignite Student Creativity!

In honor of African-American History month and some inspirational firsts, I am dedicating this blog post to igniting creativity in all students. There have been innumerable contributions by African-American men and women in science, literature, the arts, sports, and economics, … Continue reading

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