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Cash in on Learning: Engaging and Authentic Learning through Essential Questions

This past April, I had the incredible honor of working with the Bureau of Education in Hong Kong to train teachers on depth and complexity. The Chinese government as a whole is moving toward great reform in how curriculum is … Continue reading

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Cash in on Learning: Preparing for Different Learners

Even though there is about a month left in our summer vacation, it’s not too soon to start preparing for the coming school year. Unless you loop (the practice of having students more than one year), you probably won’t know … Continue reading

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Cash in on Learning: Surviving Summer Boredom by Being CREATIVE

It never fails that right about this time in the summer, kids (and some adults) start to say, “I’m bored!” They’ve done all the camps, played all the games, and are starting to take the out-of-school time for granted. Well, … Continue reading

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Cash in on Learning: What’s So Different About Differentiation for the Gifted?

Now that “differentiation” has become a common term in the general lexicon of education, we need to differentiate the practice of differentiation. The idea of differentiation has a long history in general terms. In the 1930s, as the reach of … Continue reading

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Cash in on Learning: Engaging in Tasks: Part Two

Click here to read Part 1 of this post. Last month, I shared the idea of how students get engaged in learning through a process that was theorized by Dr. Barry Zimmerman and his colleagues. In that post I gave … Continue reading

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